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Most of these I've learned the hard way on my own.

  • Practice, practice, practice!

  • Don't get angry when somebody kills you. Treat it as all good fun.

  • Don't go into a rage and start running toward your opponent in attempt to exact revenge. They will kill you again.

  • Think ahead and have improvised strategy in mind. Contrary to what you may believe, most game types in GTA: Online involve strategy in timing dodge-rolls, when to cover, when to ambush, where is the enemy heading, how far are they, how much time do you have before they bust out an RPG on you, does this place have adequate cover, does they have their back turned, and where are your teammates going.

  • In team deathmatches and captures, think and work like a team.

  • Flank the enemy with your teammates/friends.

  • Recommended: have a mic/headset, chat in a party, and play with friends

  • If you can't play with friends, try not to enter another deathmatch or race with the same group of people, or else they will figure out your reaction times and moves. Play with all kinds of people.

  • Learn from the best.

  • Always check the player list in your lobby and take in consideration their reputation level and K/D ratio. If rep level is above a thousand or the latter is disproportionately high, like greater than 10, it's likely a hacker. Kick them or leave the lobby immediately.

  • Pick your fights carefully. You might just dodge a bullet.

  • If the person you're trying to kill won't die or takes forever to die, then it's likely they're hacking.

  • Don't play with hackers or cheaters. Don't encourage them and don't ask them to drop money bags for you (that might get you banned), even if they're on your team or a friend.

  • Ignore hateful and discriminatory speech. Mute/report/kick the perpetrators.

  • Keep moving. NEVER CAMP. People will find a way to kill you somehow.

  • Try not to use too much cover because the cover system is unreliable.

  • Always aim for the head. Almost instant kill, especially with your shotguns.

  • Bait your opponents with sticky bombs, grenades, and proximity mines.

  • If you can't shoot somebody because they're hiding behind some obstacle, get out your RPG or grenades and flush them out.

  • If your RPG runs out of ammo, switch to your Homing Launcher, but you'll have to be quick to fire or else it will target something you don't want.

  • Flip back and forth between looking at your radar/mini-map and your screen. Never settle on one for too long or else you'll have been blindsided.

  • To kill players using guns in passive mode, destroy them with explosives.

  • Use an Assault Shotgun to kill players riding around in Kurumas.

  • When the enemy approaches the edge of a corner, launch an RPG or leave a grenade at the ground before their feet.

  • Don't use a sniper rifle against a player spraying their minigun. Unless they're distracted, you will get killed before you can take a shot.

  • Don't run out into the open unless you're confident in timing your dodge-rolls and accuracy of headshots.

  • Pull a bluff when you get spotted on the radar. Your minimap icon will appear red or outline in red.

  • Call Lester often to reveal other players on the radar.

  • Scout out the map you're going to play before you play it. Take note of places to climb, take cover behind, and where the enemy might spawn. By doing this, I managed to figure out how some players managed to climb on top of the mansion in the Mansion deathmatch.

  • By placing a red dot on my TV screen, I knew the center of my camera and target of my reticule to prevent myself from having a bird's eye view of my character. You need to be able to see what and who's in front of you.

  • By holding down the Fire button half-way, you can aim without the camera having to zoom-in. You can also dodge-roll while aiming this way.

  • To drift in a vehicle, hold down your Handbrake and then steer minimally in the direction you want to go, or else you will spin out. Hold down Brake/Reverse at the same time to improve control.

  • For Console Players: To get out of the Internet instantly, press triangle/Y.

  • Don't cling to your teammates throughout the whole deathmatch. It's annoying and it will get you and your teammates killed. If somebody else does that to you and doesn't watch your back, try to shake them.


  • Know the capabilities of each weapon you own. Upgrade them all.

    • Shotguns are for very short distances and close quarters and don't have a very high fire rate. You should attach a silencer only to your Assault Shotgun.

    • The minigun can be used to suppress the enemy and keep them behind cover, but it doesn't automatically lock on to targets. This is a free-aim weapon.

    • RPGs and grenades kill instantly within a blast radius.

    • Marksman Pistol may need a reload after every shot, but, damn, that thing can lock onto targets farther than a shotgun's distance and carry the same punch.

    • Combat MGs can be very inaccurate if you fire it continuously. Try not to aim for the head with this weapon. Fire in short bursts, or else your reticule will rise due to recoil.

    • Heavy Sniper shot equals instant kill.

    • While in a vehicle, use Sticky Bombs or the AP Pistol instead of a Micro SMG. The AP Pistol can blow shit up easier, too, so watch that.

  • Drop weapons that you don't need or are ineffective.
    • Tear Gas, Molotov cocktails, etc.

    • All submachine and machine guns except the Combat MG.

    • All assault rifles except the Special Carbine.

    • Flare guns (you really only use them in the Humane Labs heist)

  • My Weapon Loadout
    • Pistol
    • Marksman Pistol
    • AP Pistol
    • Combat MG
    • Special Carbine -- my primary and most used weapon
    • Marksman Rifle, Sniper Rifle, Heavy Sniper
    • most melee weapons
    • Assault Shotgun, Heavy Shotgun, Pump Shotgun, Sawed-Off Shotgun
    • RPG, Homing Launcher, Minigun, Grenade Launcher

  • Practice a lot with the Pump Shotgun and Sawed-Off Shotgun. You might just instantly kill somebody.

  • Recommended PvP attire: Bulletproof Helmet and maybe a Heavy Utility Vest (doesn't happen often or it might only happen in missions or heists, but it provides some shielding against explosive blasts)


  • Upgrade Armor, Brakes, Engine, Suspension, and Transmission before you respray. And don't forget to put a Tracker and have Full Coverage on your vehicle if you didn't buy it from the Internet.

  • To hurdle over guardrails and low stone barriers with a motorcycle, perform a wheelie over it.

  • Sometimes you can avoid falling off your bike when you run into something, like a tree or bush, by turning it sideways into the obstacle.

  • "Boosting" races means to take turns winning with somebody to unlock vehicle upgrades. This is the easiest and fastest way to do just that.
  • In case you've forgotten in races, blow your horn to activate an acquired speed boost or fire twin rockets.
  • Adder - super
    • highest top speed in the game yet
    • spins out easier than the Zentorno
    • use this in races or areas that have long stretches of road

  • Zentorno - super
    • without turbo, has best acceleration
    • my primary car, when I'm not in a Contact Mission or Heist

  • Armored Kuruma - sport
    • Always use this during Contact Missions and Heists, unless you want a challenge.
    • NPCs with shotguns WILL STILL BE ABLE TO SHOOT YOU while you in this vehicle, due to the sprayed pellets of the gun. It doesn't happen often, but it does.
  • Bati 801 - motorcycle
    • highest top speed, best acceleration and braking in the class

  • Insurgent - Warstock vehicle
    • when I feel like plowing through people
    • one of the few four-seaters you should own

  • Sanchez - motorcycle
    • best dirt bike for off-roading, obviously
    • handles certain drops to the ground better than the Bati 801

  • Elegy RH8 - sport
    • you can buy this for free online if you've connected your PC/Xbone/PS4 account to Rockstar Social Club
    • my second car ever, don't use it often, but it's the best in its class

  • Huntley S - SUV


  • To dodge missiles in a helicopter, wait until the last second to PULL UP and GAIN ALTITUDE simultaneously. You need to be able to change directions quickly.

  • To prevent an enemy helicopter from locking on and firing on you, make sure you are behind them and always keep moving.


  • Console players (I play PS4): switching first/third-person control types to "Standard FPS 2" will remap some buttons used to Take Cover, Jump/Climb, and Sprint. However, while it separates Sprinting from Jumping/Climbing/Phone Select, it enables greater control on sprinting and the ability to call NPCs on your Contacts List (such as Lester) while sprinting. In order to swim faster with this setting, you will have to do it underwater, which is faster regardless. Beware, this button remapping might take some time to accustom.

    • With this setting, I am also able to easily strafe sideways while zoomed-in with a sniper rifle. Always keep strafing when faced off with a sniper.

    • To dodge-roll straight out of cover, press the Fire, Cover, Dodge-Roll buttons simultaneously while holding your left thumbstick in the direction of your choosing. This can come in pretty handy when the camera zooming-in while aiming causes a significantly decreased field of vision.

  • Console players: Aiming Sensitivity should be high, with Look-Around Sensitivity just a smidgen higher. Look Deadzone should be LOW, but not completely down. Look Acceleration I just left alone. These settings will help with sniping and turning around the camera.

  • Vehicle Camera Height should be set to High.

  • My Personal First-Person Settings
    • Auto Level Camera: On=
    • On Foot Field of View: Highest
    • Ragdoll: Off
    • Combat Roll: Off
    • Head Bobbing: Off
    • Third Person Cover: Off -- but I often switch it On depending on my situation

  • Expanded Radar enables a larger view so you can see out farther, obviously.

  • Screen Kill Effects should be on, unless you don't want to know if you killed somebody.

  • My Targeting Mode is Assisted Aim - Partial because I'm a noob and I play with other noobs.
  • Mood: Neutral
  • Playing: GTA: Online

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